Goblins, Gorgons, and Glees. Oh My!

Zuriel's Journal - Part I

The events of today have been most unusual. Traveling between towns, I was beset by a group of ankheg. I readied my defenses. Not even a second had passed when, like divine intervention, a band of adventures charged in to my side. We swiftly defeated the insectoids, but the difficult part was not yet over. Introductions with the group members were…difficult. The assassin greeted me with a dagger. However, I was indebted to them, and with no present task to aide them, I was bound to follow them.

The party seems to be co-led by a psychic halfdrow and a grimy highelf assassin. The others include a monk of a sect I've never seen, a stout dwarf woman who seems to be the butt of many jokes, and another man who has not said much yet. I wasn't sure if I was making the right decision, but Mother never trips or trods within the garden of her children, and I was indebted to them.

We arrived in a city, much larger than I ever like. The townsfolk always have so many problems I can solve, but I can only solve so much, and they always want more. Only in small towns are people actually grateful. However, at present I didn't have much choice, nor was I currently my usual unbound missionary. We entered a church, wherein I went my Mother's altar and said a prayer of thanks, for the aide that she sent me. Afterwards, we met with a woman named Lorelei, who gave us a list of Protectors who are Red Tide members. I do not know who the Red Tide are, besides the fact that their name should not be said aloud. The rest of the group seems very keen on killing this list of people. Despite my lack of knowledge, I am certain this is in the best interest of our souls.

Departing from the church, we began tavern-diving in hopes of finding a lead to our first target, a man who runs an incestual sex den. I would've stuck out like a sore thumb asking around for a brothel while wearing clerical symbols, so I went from table to table seeing if I could aide anyone in small matters while I let the assassin do his job. Upon seeing the psychic take his leave, I assumed we got what we came for. I dismissed myself after finishing healing a man's hands and waited outside for the rogue. A questionably long time later he emerged, and we proceeded to our next destination. 

Mission Log: I

Our mission is not complete. The druid we were sent to….retrieve, has escaped. He goes by the name of Silv, and it appears he did not have the information we were searching for.…just copious amounts of scrap paper, covered with the unintelligible scribblings of numbers and symbols. I took what I could in the off-chance that the Sovereign curator back in Austor will be able to decipher any kind of information out of this chicken scratch.

We ran into some travelers along our journey, who have revealed themselves to be Protectors. I know very little of the Protectors, and am hesitant to trust these two. Then again, I’ve only been aware of the faction’s existence for a few short months; I will need to meditate more on this matter.

We freed a Sovereign prisoner from Silv’s clutches, a quiet and stoic elf with very little to say (but likely much to tell). Something about his demeanor reminds me of the Elysian cloister from the Massimo….very secretive. Although he claims allegiance to the Sovereign, I do not know enough of him to fully believe these claims just yet. I myself hold little allegiance to the Sovereign, save their welcoming of me as a mercenary several months ago. We shall see where his allegiances truly lie….but in due time.

Sithon's Perspective - 1

Finally, after being locked in that damn closet for a week, some would-be heroes seem to have driven Silv out of our cave and freed me. They seem to be an unlikely group: 2 Sovereign and 2 Protectors. The Sovereign are definitely searching for something, the one grabbed every scrap of paper Silv left out on that crap heap he called a desk. Typical messy humans, you'd think they would be inclined to keep their short lives organized so they don't waste any precious time.

Anyway, I need to find Silv. He's strayed much to far in following his dark path and it's time for him to become more neutral… or I'll use my new companions to show him just how fleeting human lives can be.

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