Goblins, Gorgons, and Glees. Oh My!

Mission Log: I


Our mission is not complete. The druid we were sent to….retrieve, has escaped. He goes by the name of Silv, and it appears he did not have the information we were searching for.…just copious amounts of scrap paper, covered with the unintelligible scribblings of numbers and symbols. I took what I could in the off-chance that the Sovereign curator back in Austor will be able to decipher any kind of information out of this chicken scratch.

We ran into some travelers along our journey, who have revealed themselves to be Protectors. I know very little of the Protectors, and am hesitant to trust these two. Then again, I’ve only been aware of the faction’s existence for a few short months; I will need to meditate more on this matter.

We freed a Sovereign prisoner from Silv’s clutches, a quiet and stoic elf with very little to say (but likely much to tell). Something about his demeanor reminds me of the Elysian cloister from the Massimo….very secretive. Although he claims allegiance to the Sovereign, I do not know enough of him to fully believe these claims just yet. I myself hold little allegiance to the Sovereign, save their welcoming of me as a mercenary several months ago. We shall see where his allegiances truly lie….but in due time.



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