Goblins, Gorgons, and Glees. Oh My!

Sithon's Perspective - 1

Finally, after being locked in that damn closet for a week, some would-be heroes seem to have driven Silv out of our cave and freed me. They seem to be an unlikely group: 2 Sovereign and 2 Protectors. The Sovereign are definitely searching for something, the one grabbed every scrap of paper Silv left out on that crap heap he called a desk. Typical messy humans, you'd think they would be inclined to keep their short lives organized so they don't waste any precious time.

Anyway, I need to find Silv. He's strayed much to far in following his dark path and it's time for him to become more neutral… or I'll use my new companions to show him just how fleeting human lives can be.



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