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The world of Val'dorah is controlled by factions each of which shape the world and the lives of all Val'dorans. These factions all fight for different things.

The Protectors fight for a benevolent monarch, the Queen of Shields who vowed to always protect her people from all harm as  her father did before her. The Protectors uphold justice and truth within the courtroom and without. The Agents of the Protectors keep order in the cities with honor and pride.

The Sovereign fight for themselves. The only leaders of the Sovereign are those which rise up from the ranks through respect and power. The Sovereign believe that every man has a right to do what is best for themselves and their loved ones to the best of their ability. It is because of this self-oriented (read: selfish) ideology that the sovereign attract a fair number of shifty characters but do not mistake the Sovereign as evil, for far worse villains haunt the dark places of Val'dorah.


The final faction is that of the villains in the dark places. These creatures, for a dare not call them men, fight for one thing and one thing alone. Destruction. Little is known about this faction because it has become taboo to even mention its name which comes from what is left in its wake. A Red Tide.

Home Page

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